Over land and sea your wings reverberate. (Dante Alighieri)

Florence, where the roots of our literature have grown into the Italian language that we still speak. Defined as the cradle of the Renaissance, birthplace of some of the most famous paintings, buildings and sculptures like the magnificient Duomo, the David by Michelangelo or the Monna Lisa by Leonardo.Imagine this city in the middle Age, with all of the "botteghe", art shops, with a young Leonardo and Michelangelo moving their first steps into the world of art, and then quickly changing it forever.

Enjoy it walking along its streets, among tourists fascinated by its beauty and local people eating a sandwich just bought in a small bar, but if you have time you should sit in a restaurant and try the tasteful Tuscan cuisine: its cheese, pasta and wine are worth a visit!

Then the countryside of Tuscany, Siena, San Gimignano, Val d'Orcia...

An amazing driving experience in the countryside, where streets are empty and a beautiful surround of gentle green hills that look like tidal waves, decorated by sunflowers and vineyards famous all over the world for its wine (Brunello and Chianti are only two of the hundreds of wines produced here). 

And now and then a little medieval Borgo on top of a hill, with its life kept into the walls, a little trasure of history and traditions.