Solamente agradecerte todo vuestro trabajo en Venecia , la gente ha venido encantada y me quedo corta.
- S. Quesada - 

A friend of mine from NY told me to book a tour of Italy with Superjourney because she knows personally the owner and that when she came here in August she had a beautiful experience. We landed at Marco Polo Airport and a very nice Assistant came to pick us up at the arrival terminal and she took us to our private car... We didn't expect to find a beautiful Mercedes S-Class (just WOW!) with a very elegant driver. Once arrived at the dock to get our private water taxi we found another fantastic surprise! A fantastic wooden boat (it was told me by the hotel concierge that it is one of the most expensive boats of Venice!). Incredible... We felt like VIP :-) After this, my husband and I decided to book the tour along the Grand Canal and to Murano. The Assistant was waiting for us at the lobby and she took us to the same beautiful water taxi. Along the ride we had a fantastic explanation of what we were looking at... it was amazing to see the palaces from the boat!  In Murano we took a guided tour of the glass factory and visited the show room to admire the masterpieces of the best local Masters. What we really liked about it... No one pushed us to buy and the guy at the factory was very nice and answered to all our questions... Obviously we booked also the transfer to go back to the airport... Once more it was perfect. Unfortunately we had only 3 days in Venice but it was absolutely unforgettable. Those guys are the best!!! Thank you Barbara (my friend in NY) for recommending them!
- M Spencer.-

Just wanted to say "thank you" for the great time we had in Venice.
- C. Cammarsck -

Many thanks for your kindness. It was a pleasure for me to get to work with you and I really enjoyed your "yes I can" attitude, efficiency and professionalism. I think that the entire team shared my opinion and I also got a nice feedback from the client about you. I will for sure contact you next time I am in Venice. In case I have other events in Italy, I will not hesitate to let you know too.
- S. Saladin - 

Guests were really happy about their stay in Venice, once again a HUGE THANKS.
- A. Dubois -

Let's start by saying that I am actually from Venice and even though I have lived abroad for many years now I know how to move about the city. In this particular occasion I wanted to impress my (hopefully) to be wife so I asked for assistance to Super Journey out of a friend recommendation. I was pleasantly surprised to the level of service and the intimacy of the whole experience, They welcomed us at the airport and proceeded to take us to Venice with the most beautiful water taxi. Needless to say the hotel choice was spot on as well. bang on the grand canal and with plenty of charm and romanticism. It was the perfect spot with the right amount of luxury without feeling like any other hotel in the world. We were definitely in an antique Venetian Palace on the gran canal. Exactly what we needed :)  By the way, yes The trip was just the perfect occasion for me to propose and my to be wife is now my wife :)
- L. Tommaseo -

My clients are always very happy. Your transfers are absoulutely perfect and your staff is great! A huge thank you, Vania for your precious help.
- Nicola C. , Ca'Romeo Murano -

Thanks for the incredible tours you provided while Maggie and I were in Venice a few weeks ago. Again, many thanks!
,- W. & M. Ivusich -