Only here you can prepare to understand Rome (Wolfgang von Goethe)

A tablespoon of art and two or three thousand years of history and a pinch of joy, stick it all in a bowl and then stir it with a wooden spoon, mix in a cup of wine and you'll get Rome soon. That's the perfect recipe to describe Rome, a mix of art, history and fun;  walking in the streets of the city is like being in a living comedy theater made of great sceneries and happy people (how I wish you could understand Roman dialect! But you can go pretty close to it with our guides). 

There is always so much going on in Rome, a lot of bars, theaters, art exhibitions and people walking around or simply sitting in a restaurant or in front of the massive Trevi Fountain, enjoying the view of the stautes, the water falling and making a wish throwing a coin in the fountain.

Here there is everything you need and much more, also another State: the Vatican which is actually like a sort of district in Rome. The Vatican city with its Saint Peter's Basilica is the most important religious point in the Catholic world. Here very Sunday morning believers from every part of the world listen to the Pope sermon and in the rest of the week thousands of people come to see one of the richest collections of art in the world, including the Pietà and the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo, rooms decorated by Raffaello and even a contemporary art collection of painting made by Gauguin, Francis Bacon and many more.

Walk through the streets that inspired artists like Federico Fellini and Woody Allen, and treat yourself like a star with our services.