Saint Mark's Square and Rialto Area lived like a Venetian


The most important place of Venice is Saint Mark's Square, political and religious center of the Serenissima Republic. The Doge's Palace overlooks the Saint Mark's Basin and it's the symbol of the power of Venice in history. It's linked to the old prisons by the famous Bridge of Sighs. Another masterpiece is the Basilica of Saint Mark, with its facade decorated with golden mosaics. Passing by old cafes and famous jewelry stores, we continue the discovery walking through narrow streets and reaching the Rialto Bridge. Rialto is also one of the oldest parts of the city where the typical market still takes place every day.

Meeting Point: Hotel Lobby (only for hotels in Venice main island)

Available also a longer version of this tour (about 4 hours): To make the experience even deeper and more complete, there is the chance to enter the Doge's Palace and the Saint Mark's Basilica (not on Sunday morning) with a professional guide. An extention of this tour to see one of the richest and most beautiful palaces of the world. Tickets included in the price.