A fantastic opportunity to visit a magic place that you will never forget


If you are spending some time in Rome, if you have already been here or simply want to discover what's beyond the borders of this city, here you find a good solution to discover something special and different. Rome has a perfect position that can be the ideal starting point to discover the region of Lazio which is one the most beautiful regions of Italy. It has a long history and tradition and we suggest you a very interesting day trip tour to Tivoli, a real beauty of the countryside.

Tivoli is an incredible place, located about thirty kilometres far from Rome, and it is the perfect spot for a special guided tour at the discovery of its breathtaking sites. A tour of Tivoli with a local guide to live a special experience and enter in the history of a city even older than Rome, where the beauty of the architecture of the beautiful Castle of Rocca Pia still dominates the landscape. Villa d'Este, masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance and Villa Adriana, built in the II d.C. for the Emperor Adriano, are just two of the fantastic sightseeings of this city that you can't miss.

This is a 4 hour private tour that includes professional driver/guide, air conditioned luxury vehicle, gasoline, eventual highway fee, driver's meal. Lunch and entrance fees are not included in the price

Meeting point: Hotel Lobby (just if your hotel is in Rome center).