Venice, the fair city of the heart. (Lord Byron)

Venice is a unique city, different from any other place in the world. It dates back to the 5th century and it's a miracle of architecture, being built on wooden poles driven into the sandy soil and making the foundation of the city. Entering the city by boat it looks like buildings are raised directly from the canals, standing there timeless between sky and water. A human sized city where there's no room for cars or any other wheeled means of transport, but just a lot of streets for people to walk around, intersecting canals and waterways where boats and gondolas run peacefully.

Venice has always inspired the greatest artists, painters and writers that have spent time and words describing its gentle beauty, that proudly survives through the centuries.

Everybody should see Venice at least once in a lifetime, and even if it's crowded in summertime or flooded sometimes in wintertime, it's offering  a stunning view, always changing depending on the light of the day until it's evanescing into the darkness of the night. Walk through its streets and enjoy the quiet atmosphere away from the crowded paths, where the real Venetian life keeps on, with the laundry hanging on the ropes and the elderly people playing cards in the typical osterie.

Don't be afraid of getting lost in the labyrinth of "calli", or pass under an arched way to discover new places that sometimes even locals don't know, but keep your camera always switched on because Venice has a lot of secret places and you could find an amazing spot just around any corner...