Venice Walking Tours

Don't expect to sit in a car or bus and take the common tourist tours because the only way to see things here is walking around, exploring the narrow streets and discovering places that you can find only by foot. Our walking tours are thought to guarantee an unforgettable experience for your eyes, admiring monuments, squares, churches and much more. Every tour is a perfect combination of knowledge and relax thanks to our professional guides and assistants.    

The Hearts of Venice: Saint Mark's Square and Rialto Area

This 2 hour Tour includes English speaking guide. Entrances are not included.

The most important place of Venice is Saint Mark's Square, political and religious center of the Serenissima Republic. The Doge's Palace overlooks the Saint Mark's Basin and it's the symbol of the power of Venice in history. It's linked to the old prisons by the famous Bridge of Sighs. Another masterpiece is the Basilica of Saint Mark, with its facade decorated with golden mosaics. Passing by old cafes and famous jewelry stores, we continue the discovery walking through narrow streets and reaching the Rialto Bridge. Rialto is also one of the oldest parts of the city where the typical market still takes place every day.

Meeting Point: Hotel Lobby (only for hotels in Venice main island)

Available also a longer version of this tour (about 4 hours): To make the experience even deeper and more complete, there is the chance to enter the Doge's Palace and the Saint Mark's Basilica (not on Sunday morning) with a professional guide. An extention of this tour to see one of the richest and most beautiful palaces of the world. Tickets included in the price.

Minor Venice, but not less important

This 2 hour Tour includes English speaking guide

Venice and its monuments are very famous all around the world. But Venice is not only Saint Mark's Square and the Rialto Bridge, because there's a lot more to see. Hundreds of bridges and canals make up this floating treasure, where churches and palaces are open-air masterpieces, so don't miss the chance to see them. Just around the corner there is always something special to see and visit. Let's discover together what's beyond the touristic areas, visiting the “most Venetian” sites along with our expert English speaking guide.

Meeting Point: Hotel Lobby (only for hotels in Venice main island)

Secret side of Venice: Ghosts and Unknown Stories

This 1,5 hour evening Tour includes English speaking guide

Hazy atmosphere, narrow dark streets and strange characters... that's how you have to imagine Venice during this tour. Get out of the usual tours and listen to a new version of the history of this city. Every place has a dark side, stories not written in books because they are inconvenient and Venice has a lot of stories about inexplicable happenings and with this tour you can learn something more about them. Obviously it's not easy to describe what will happen, maybe a ghost will appear or maybe not but for sure this is a side of Venice that you won't find in guide books.

Meeting Point: Hotel Lobby (only for hotels in Venice main island)